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Additional Services

Need a Hosting provider? We've got you covered!

Domain Name & Maintenance

£29.99 per month.
Free Domain Name For A Year, Unlimited Updates & Hosting For Your Website. Plus A Free personalised email address.

What is Hosting?
Think of hosting as renting a space on the internet for your website.
What is a Domain Name?
This your websites name and how customers find and recognise your site. 
What is our Maintenance? 
Unlimited edits, updates and changes to your sites existing content including but not limited to From SEO to System updates

Already have a hosting provider? Then this is for you!

Maintenance - Only

£9.99 per month + £9.99 one of set up fee
There are many hosting providers out there- and you may have already signed up and bought your domain name and hosting package with them.

Don’t worry, there is still hope!

1. Transfer over to our Domain Name, Hosting & Maintenance Package (Above)

2. Sign up to our Maintenance- Only Package and benefit from SEO, system updates and unlimited edits, updates and changes from the company who built your site.

Graphics & Media


£ 20 /starting

3 Day Turnaround
Web Based Logos
Vectored Logos

Business Branding

£ 20 /starting

5 Instagram highlights
1 Instagram Story Template
1 Instagram Feed Template

Web Graphics

£ 20 /starting

Website Banners


£ 300 /starting

Quality Photos
5 hour photo shoot
Unlimited unedited images