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5 Cheeky marketing tips

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The truth is marketing strategies are constantly changing and what is a good tactic today may be less effective tomorrow. Social media and marketing “GURUS” tend to post or promote stale goods- sharing strategies which may have been amazing 3 months ago, but now will only be 5 % as effective as it was before. What’s more, social media platforms regularly change their algorithm, making old marketing strategies almost a pointless task. It is also true that hard work and consistency is the biggest key for continuous and stable growth, there are however a few tips and tricks that are kept in the dark.

Sometimes thinking outside of the box is easier said than done because everything seems to have been done before however that is not always the case. Below are a few ideas of how shifting your mindset can really help grow your business and strengthen your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). At the end is a secret tip that no one we have encountered speaks about.

1. Value Add Blog (Content)

Value add content is sometimes hard to find with every marketing company and influencer holding back on true sauce. You are sometimes left feeling cheated at times and wonder why your business is failing to take off like there is did.

A value-add blog similarly to this one your reading now is a great way to achieve better brand engagement and build reputation. It makes your clients feel valued and in turn they are much more likely to share what you’ve been sharing and at the same time unconsciously become your biggest brand ambassadors.

Value add blog examples

  • 5 Cheeky Marketing Tips
  • 10 Ways To Separate Your Brand From Your Competitor
  • 3 Cheat Codes To Grow On Social Media

(The last 2 are blogs that we will be writing soon)

5 Cheeky marketing tips

2. Public Challenge


Set yourself a challenge. Sometimes holding yourself accountable is not good enough. As the saying goes “2 Heads Are Better Than 1” but how about 300 heads?? (depending on your follower count of course). There are tons of examples of challenges you can set for yourself and your followers.

Public Challenge Examples:

  • Road to £50,000 a month
  • Road how a million
  • 10 new clients a month

Post your challenge on your social media and get your followers involved let them see the process- The Wins, The Losses and the Bits in Between! I bet you your content and brand will be spoken about.

Reason this works.

If you say to yourself your going to lose 5 kg you are the only person holding yourself accountable. But if you tell all your friends you are now held accountable by them. The same concepts work for public challenges.

2. Raffle

This is a simple one and should not need much explaining- but everyone likes free!

Set up a simple raffle on special occasions like Christmas, Black Friday, etc. Do not do give aways too often though! Frequent giveaways can end up working against you. The term “cold customer” is a customer who is someone thinking about acquiring your services but may need an extra push. If your known for give-aways then these “Cold Customers” may end up simply waiting for a giveaway which may never come resulting in the loss of a potential sale.

Do not be discouraged though- raffles are still an amazing way to interact with your followers and promote cross-platform sharing.

3. Training Workshop

Similar to Value- Add blogs, training workshops are valuable tools in the marketing sector because your customers feel held in high regard.

 The average company or business pays more attention to acquiring new customers rather than helping existing ones. But there is so much untapped value here. As a result, potential sales go a miss. 

A training workshop is targeted at helping existing customer feel valued and while in the process, you could be gaining new customers via word of mouth.

Secret SEO Tip

Job listing (shhh!)

The reason why Job listings is good for SEO marketing:

Small businesses tend to hire in house which is amazing! Hiring family member and close friends are not always recommended in the art of business however it can prove cost effective. The negative of this however is that you are missing out on the biggest way to market your business.

Creating a job listing is a gold mine that many small businesses do not know about or appreciate- nevertheless it is the pool for organic searches.

Let us walk you through the process:

  1. You see a job vacancy posted that you would like to apply for. At the stage you might do a small google search on the company to check if this is someone you would like to work for. You might even tell a close friend about it.
  2. Once you have applied, you receive a message saying that you have reached the second stage which of the recruitment process. This may be a phone call interview whereby you will need to express why you would like to work for the company and what the companies aims are.
  3. You begin scouring the internet trying to find anything and everything about this company and you might have told a couple more people about the opportunity.
  4. Whether or not you get the job, you have now acted as one of that company’s biggest search engine optimisation tools.

Let’s put that into numbers we have a sister company named Palacio Estates.  During lock down, they posted a job vacancy for a trainee property consultant. Over 200+ candidates form a specific region applied for the role and this led to 1000’s of google searches followed by client leads because of this. Now they are at the right at top of google search results.

Thinking outside of the box does not mean looking for brand new ways to beat the algorithm. Sometimes taking advantage of the age old tools that we know will never change is just as valuable (if not more!).

I hope this has helped and has given you a little insight into how marketing agencies and SEO companies think and now you can get to work.

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